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Attention Great Lakes will no longer be servicing federal student loans as of June 2023. Nelnet, whom we've shared the same parent company with since 2018, will be your new student loan servicer. Like two sides of the same coin, we'll continue to work together with the shared commitment of helping you successfully manage your student loans. For more information about the transfer to Nelnet, visit Nelnet.com/transfer.

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Welcome to mygreatlakes.org

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Our website is an important tool to help you successfully repay your loans. Use it to help you make payments, change your due date, keep track of your loan details, and more. Learn about mygreatlakes.org and how you can use it to set yourself up for success.

Explore the Knowledge Center

When you're looking for information that's relevant to you, the Knowledge Center is your one-stop shop. Whether you're in school, repaying your student loans, or the parent of a student, you'll find all the information you need to manage your federal student loans. Check it out.

Find the Repayment Option that's Right for You

One of the most important steps in repaying your loan is choosing the right repayment option. Our website makes it easy to check your current plan and explore the available options so you can find the best solution for you.

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Manage Your Accounts

Your Account Summary tells you everything you need to know about your loans—summarizing all of the important information so you can see your monthly payment amount and due date information at a glance.

See Your Loan Details

If you want more detail than your Account Summary, you can see specific information about your accounts on the Account Details page. The information is broken down into your next payment, balance and status, and loans in this account.

Things to Do Now

At the top of your Account Summary, don't dismiss the Things to Do Now—ideas tailored to your unique situation. They're front and center so you can easily take care of the things that need your attention. Keep an eye on your Things to Do Now to stay on the path to successful repayment.

Keep Track of Details

Making a payment online is easy—everything is under the Payments menu. The easiest way to make a payment is to set up Auto Pay. Once you set it up, we'll automatically withdraw your payment for you each month.

Monthly Billing Statement

You can also keep track of your accounts with your monthly billing statement. The statement is a snapshot of your accounts that offers at-a-glance billing information to help you quickly find what's important to you. We can email it to you, and you can always view it online for even more detail.

See Your Payment History

You can see all of the payments you've made in the last 12 months in your Payment History. Your payments are listed in an easy-to-read format that clearly shows how they've been applied to interest, late fees, and principal.

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Get in Touch

Have a social account and have a question? Send us a message. We're here to help. You can chat with us a few ways:

You can also log in or visit our Contact Us page to contact a representative.

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