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Tour Your Payment Schedule & Disclosures

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Your Payment Schedule and Disclosures (payment schedule) provides details about the repayment terms of your federal student loans serviced by Great Lakes. Think of it as a plan for paying back your loans. You'll find information about your monthly payment amounts and dates, who your lender is, and what repayment plan you're on.

Each of your student loan accounts—which you can view in your Account Summary—has a corresponding payment schedule. Only one payment schedule is active for each account, so if you receive a new payment schedule for one of your accounts, it replaces the old one. You'll receive a new payment schedule when certain account conditions change, such as:

  • You're about to begin repayment.
  • Your repayment terms have changed.
  • You're about to come out of forbearance or deferment.
  • A new loan has been added to the account.

If you're unable to make the payments outlined in the payment schedule, you can reduce or postpone your monthly payment amount through special repayment options.

Learn more by reviewing our easy-to-follow electronic schedule, then log in to view your own payment schedule. Or tour the paper payment schedule, which you may have received in the mail. Please note that your actual payment schedule may vary from the examples shown.

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Remember, you can view the repayment terms of your loans by viewing your own payment schedule online.

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