Attention Great Lakes will no longer be servicing federal student loans as of June 2023. Nelnet, whom we've shared the same parent company with since 2018, will be your new student loan servicer. Like two sides of the same coin, we'll continue to work together with the shared commitment of helping you successfully manage your student loans. For more information about the transfer to Nelnet, visit

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At Great Lakes, our goal is to help you successfully repay your student loans, keeping you on a path toward future financial stability.

We encourage you to try to resolve any issues you encounter by contacting a Great Lakes representative first. If you've already done so and are not satisfied with the service you've received, please share your concern with us by filing a formal complaint.

Do not file a formal complaint to dispute a debt or to dispute a credit reporting. In these cases, you must send us a letter that includes identifying information for yourself and the debt you are disputing, along with an explanation of why you think the debt or credit reporting is incorrect. Include any pertinent supporting documentation with your letter.

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